Move Over WhatsApp, Discord is Here

Move aside, WhatsApp. Discord is fast taking over as the savvy person’s communication tool of choice. Not only does Discord bring together people and communities, its servers are also essential for anyone looking to get into NFTs.

Discord is here to stay

What is Discord app?

Discord is a voice, video and text chat app for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. Discord enables users to chat one-on-one with each other, or on private or public servers with friends, strangers and other members of a particular community.

Discord’s popularity first skyrocketed amongst gamers but has since been adopted by the mainstream public. Its voice chat function enables gamers to speak to each other as they play, and has been co-opted by other groups for uses as diverse as language exchange sessions and debates.

Today, Discord is no longer primarily used by gamers, with about 70% of users in a 2020 poll reporting that they either used it for non-gaming purposes or both gaming and non-gaming purposes.

Discord servers have made it easy to build communities based on shared interests, hobbies and concerns. Users can join public servers or be invited to private ones organised around specific topics.

Although primarily used by gamers, Discord is now widely used by non-gamers too

Is Discord free?

Yes, Discord is free to use.

Those who wish to unlock additional features can sign up for Discord Nitro, which currently costs 9.99 USD per month or 99.99 USD per year. Discord Nitro’s enhanced features include better emojis, animated avatars, the right to join and/or create up to 200 servers, bigger uploads and HD video.

How does Discord work?

Discord can be used on the web with a desktop browser without the need to download an application. It can also be downloaded as an application for both desktop and mobile devices.

Discord servers can be private or public, although the vast majority are private. Users must first be invited in order to join a private server.

Servers are made up of one or more text and voice channels, each of which can be set up to discuss a different topic and/or be subject to different rules.

Text channels enable users to post messages, upload files and share images, while voice channels enable them to speak to each other in real time and share screens through the Go Live feature.

For instance, a group of friends might set up a Discord server and then start a text channel on which to share photos and another on which to organise outings. They might also set up a voice channel on which to chat when they are playing video games together.

Users can also chat with each other on a one-to-one basis by sending direct messages, video calls and voice chats.

What is Discord used for?

While Discord is no longer exclusively used by gamers, its voice chat function continues to make it an indispensable communication tool in online gaming. Other than private Discord servers, gamers also gather in larger servers dedicated to popular video games such as Fortnite, Genshin Impact and Minecraft.

Discord also offers game developers, esports teams and musicians the right to maintain verified servers, enabling them to build online communities for players and fans.

For about three years, Discord also ran a game store called the Discord Store, enabling users to search for, browse and purchase PC games. The Discord Store has since been discontinued.

Other than the gaming community, the cryptocurrency and NFT community are also active users of Discord. Artists, developers and investors use the platform to discuss the NFT landscape or specific NFT projects. Discord is also a popular platform for NFT newbies who wish to learn more. Popular Discord servers used by the NFT community include OpenSea, Rarible, Enter $NFTArt and  MekaVerse.

Discord is also a popular communication tool for individuals, with families, groups of friends and co-workers using the software to maintain private servers.

Discord’s voice chat function makes it an indispensable tool

What is a Discord server?

Spaces on Discord are divided into units called servers. In order to participate in a group text channel or group voice channel, one must first join the server the group is being hosted on.

Anybody can set up their own Discord server and invite other users to join it.

To create a Discord server, account holders sign into the app and click the plus logo on the left of the screen. They then have the option to create a server, customising it by choosing a name and uploading a thumbnail picture.

How to join a Discord server

In order to join a private Discord server, you must first obtain an invite link.

Cut and paste the invite link and then sign into the Discord app.

Next, click the plus icon on the left of the screen and select the option to join a server with an invite code or link.

Finally, paste the invite link into the field, click [Join] and you will be added to the server.

To join a public Discord server, you can use the server search function on the Discord app by clicking the compass item on the left of the screen. Clicking will take you to the Discord server directory, where you can search for servers and browse featured communities. You can also browse server categories such as gaming, music, education, science & tech and entertainment.

That is not the only way to find public Discord servers. You can also search for them on Google and social media or peruse online server lists such as, and

When you find a public server you wish to join, click the [Join] button at the top of the screen and you will be added.

How to invite someone to a Discord server

Just created a new Discord server and feeling a little lonesome there by yourself? Then it’s time to invite some friends.

After a server has been created, you can immediately invite friends to join by clicking on the invite icon on the left of the screen. The temporary invite link that pops up can then be shared with others.

How to get people to join your Discord server

So, you have created a new Discord server in hopes of building a community. Other than telling your family and friends about it, you will want to give your channel more visibility on the internet in order to attract more members.

Your first step is to make sure your server is listed in Discord directories so other users can stumble upon it when browsing or searching.

Next, you’ll want to spread the word about your server on channels such as Reddit, social media accounts and other web communities, forums and Discord servers you are a part of.

Marketing a Discord server is very much like marketing any other project. In order for your server to gain popularity, you want to make it as appealing as possible. Choose an attractive topic, come up with a catchy name and strengthen the server’s branding with GIFS, emojis, fonts and text decorations. Bots can also make your server livelier and more entertaining, so browse the selection of bots on offer and pick a few that can enhance the user experience for your members.

How to join Figment’s NFT-permissioned Discord Server

Figment’s Discord server is partially token-gated. This means you must own a Figment Citizenship NFT in order to gain access to certain channels. You should never share your token with anyone else or let anyone copy your token, as gaining access to your token will enable them to impersonate you and access the Figment Discord server.

Follow the link with which you have been invited to join the Figment Discord server. Upon request, you will then be prompted to verify that you have a Figment Citizenship NFT. To do so, connect your wallet when you are prompted to do so and follow the onscreen instructions to verify your identity.

Once access has been granted, you will able to access all the channels on the Figment Discord server. Enjoy!


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