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What is a Boutique Home™?

Your designer room or apartment in a heritage home within the most iconic neighbourhoods.

We've all been there - scrolling endlessly through listings of cookie-cutter condos, mass-produced furniture and dull wallpaper.

Introducing Boutique Homes. Where heritage homes meet boutique hotel interior design. "Picassos of Singapore's built heritage" according to Travel + Leisure.

At Figment, we believe your home should be more than just a place to sleep. It should excite you, connect you, and give you stories to tell.

Why Choose A Boutique Home?

Fuss-Free Comfort

Enjoy weekly cleaning, prompt maintenance, on-site laundry & fast WiFi


Room To Breathe

Your own studio, your own bathroom, your own floor in a huge 3000ft² home


Become An Art Patron

Support the arts with 15% of rental profits going to artist commissions and residencies


Flexible & Convenient

Benefit from flexible monthly contracts in central locations near public transport


Feel House-proud

Impress your peers with heritage architecture, vintage furniture & original art


Unlock Insider Status

Join the Figment Club House for exclusive cultural events and a vibrant community

Why Our Members Love Figment


Discover the Magic of Heritage Living

"Finding Figment has been a revelation. Their beautifully restored shophouses offer a living experience like no other in Singapore. Knowing that only 0.001% of locals get to enjoy such heritage treasures makes it even more special."

Colin, Design Director
4y at Peninsula House


Host Enviable Gatherings

"Living in Figment's shophouses has turned my dinner parties into memorable events. The stunning heritage backdrop always impresses my friends, making them a little jealous of my extraordinary home."

Shruti, Tech Entrepreneur
2.5y across 3 Figment Houses


A Welcoming Community for Expats

"As a new expat, Figment's community of friendly and sophisticated professionals has been incredibly welcoming. The shared experiences and connections have truly made my transition to Singapore a wonderful journey."

Charlotte, Brand Manager
6m at Venus House

Welcome To Figment Club House

All Figment Members receive exclusive complimentary access to the Figment Club House.

Work out of Figment’s ‘living-room-away-from-home’. Plug into a community of like-minded cosmopolitans. Look forward to a standing invite to local cultural events, art fairs and exhibitions. Hold dinner parties and entertain friends over takeout and drinks – all on the house.

Workspace, loungespace, drinks (yes, coffee too), snacks, and room bookings on-demand? You got it!


Frequently Asked Questions

What’s included in the rental rate?

You get a furnished room or apartment that’s move-in ready. WiFi, utilities, and weekly cleaning of the common areas are all included. We’ll also provide one free set of bedding and towels, basic household essentials and a welcome gift bag. Your rent includes use of shared laundry, kitchen facilities, living and dining areas. New members also enjoy free access to our members-only ‘living-room-away-from-home’, Figment Club House.

What type of social life can I expect?

We hope you’ll get to know your fellow housemates as soon as you move in. The Figment Club House is a members-only ‘homespace’ for you to meet the Figment community. You’re also invited to our curated events. Think private dining with local chefs or book-binding classes hosted by independent creatives. Through these events, we hope you’ll get to know more Figment members from other homes.

Tell me more about the Figment member community!

You will be joining a creative community of open-minded, well-travelled professionals. Creative souls from diverse backgrounds in tech, finance, design, and other knowledge industries. Although most members are in their thirties, many are in their sixties and seventies! Rather than our age though, what matters is our shared appreciation of art and culture. It helps to bring a sense of adventure going off the beaten track of cookie-cutter condo living.

Wait a minute, isn’t this just coliving with others?  

Not so much, this is Figment’s vision of shared housing for grown-ups. We are not slicing and dicing apartments into cages just to stuff two hundred people into a building. With Figment you always have room to breathe. Socialise as much as you like, or choose to retire to your private studio within a huge 3000ft² shophouse.

Can I work in the common area?

Most definitely. We think you’d figure out a nice arrangement with your housemates if they would also like to work there.

Does Figment offer any health and fitness amenities?

While we do not provide fitness amenities within our homes at this time, we suggest you check out ClassPass that lets you access top-rated gyms, fitness studios, and other amenities within your neighbourhood. Step out of your shophouse and get to know your vibrant historical neighbourhood while supporting your local gyms and fitness studios!

What is the application process like?

The application process is easy and can all be completed online, or in-person if you’re local. First you’ll fill out the application form on our site by clicking the orange ‘Find My Home’ button. We’ll give you a call within the next business day for us to get to know you better. If you’re local to the area, you can go for an in-person tour, or if you’re remote, we can tour with you virtually. At that time, you can reserve the space by e-signing your lease and transferring the security deposit.

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