From the Founder

I grew up in a shophouse — I think that’s where it began.

I always thought they were the perfect spaces for a thriving creative community. These homes themselves had such character; they stood in stark contrast to the forgettable, copied and pasted condos and hotel buildings that dotted our Singapore skyline, with standardised colour schemes and franchise restaurants that had overrun the island. 

At the same time, I think our creatives have much to offer. I took a chance and curated an exhibition called ‘Singapore Inc.’ that called attention to Singapore’s relentless push for economic growth, and how its embrace of both foreign multinational corporations and galleries had overwhelmed its local arts and cultural scene. I recruited five local artists to reimagine Singapore’s pragmatic philosophy of productivity, efficiency, and wealth accumulation all while showing off our red light district of Geylang.

My desire to start Figment really grew as a response to this environment. In a city where space is at a premium, we strive to use our handpicked spaces as a platform for cultural expression. And for us, these same spaces can be the very place we call home. We want to reimagine how we live with art and culture, something we experience every day that reflects our unique personalities.

At Figment, we’re definitely house-proud and we want to share what we do with the world. We only select spaces that speak to us and we want to do up our houses as homes, designed with like-minded partners who share our vision, and of course, with you, our citizens, in mind.

By crafting exquisite spaces across the Metaverse and IRL, we plug you in to the way people actually live, work and play today. We were never looking to add another swanky new building to our skyline, and neither were we trying to maximize profits by packing a hundred and fifty strangers into a building. 

We want to reimagine home with art, design and architecture. We think the time is right for this, and we hope you’ll join us.


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