Condos For Rent in Singapore – The Local’s Guide [2024]

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1. Who is condo rental for in Singapore?

2. Factors to consider when renting a condo in Singapore

3. OK, so how do I find these condos for rent in Singapore?

4. How to rent a condo in Singapore?

5. Conclusion

Condos For Rent in Singapore - The Local's Guide [2021]
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Imagine lazy weekends spent lounging by the pool, followed by a game of tennis or a barbecue with friends. All that and more can be enjoyed from the comfort of your own home thanks to condo rentals in Singapore.

Renting a condo is a popular accommodation option in Singapore. Thanks to the popularity of shareflats, those on a budget can rent a room in an apartment to save money while enjoying full access to the condo’s facilities. Meanwhile, those who crave privacy can opt to rent an entire unit instead.

In Singapore, condos are high-rise residential gated developments which enjoy shared facilities and 24-hour security. The units within a condo are referred to as apartments, the term being used to denote dwellings within condos as well as other types of buildings.

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When renting a condo in Singapore, you can choose between renting just one room or an entire unit.  Each condo has a master bedroom, referred to as the “master room” in property listings. This is the biggest bedroom in the unit and typically has an en-suite bathroom. The other bedrooms in the condo are referred to as “common rooms” and usually do not have en-suite bathrooms.

Condo units come in all shapes and sizes, but for a single person household, 1-bedroom and studio units are the most economical option. The typical 3-bedroom condo measures about 80 to 120 square metres, but some shoebox studio or one-bedroom units can be under 45 square metres. Rent for typical condo units ranges from about $1,000 for a room to about $3,500 for a 3-bedroom apartment.

Who is condo rental for in Singapore?

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Condos are the most common form of private housing in Singapore and a popular rental option for both locals and expats. They tend to be the cheapest option after HDB flats but come with fewer restrictions, and their value-for-money is boosted by their sporting and recreational facilities like swimming pools, gyms and tennis courts. Unlike landed houses, many condos are located close to MRT stations and thus enjoy better connectivity.

Renting a room in a shared condo unit is a popular option for young, single people and one of the most economical forms of rental accommodation in Singapore. This option is particularly popular with young, single locals and expats, who enjoy the use of luxurious condo facilities and the community that comes with sharing a home.

Couples may also opt to rent a room in a shared condo unit in order to save on rent. Master bedrooms tend to be a good option as they offer more space and greater privacy thanks to the larger room size and en-suite bathroom.

Renting entire condo units is one of the most popular options for expat couples and families. Singles who have a slightly higher budget can also opt for a studio or one-bedroom condo rather than a shareflat.

Factors to consider when renting a condo in Singapore

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So, you’ve decided you want to live in a condo. You’ll soon discover that there is a huge amount of choices. Here are some factors to consider:

 Location – Home is where the heart is, but you’ll still need to leave it from time to time to work and play. Choosing a condo that’s reasonably close to your workplace and preferred recreational spots can reduce time spent commuting. If you have the budget for it, living in the city centre or CBD offers the most convenience, while city fringe properties offer a good balance between convenience and price. Condos in farther-flung suburbs are the most economic option and can also be ideal if you work outside of the city centre.

– Connectivity – Unless you have a car or are planning to rely on Grab all the time, you’ll thank yourself for picking a condo within easy walking distance of an MRT station.

– Age of the property – Older condos tend to have more spacious units but more basic facilities. Newer condos often spare no expense when it comes to facilities, with multiple swimming pools and a gym at the very least. They also tend to be in better condition and you’re less likely to suffer from problems with appliances or air conditioning units. On the downside, new condos on the cheaper end of the scale tend to have fairly small units and bedrooms.

– Facilities – Condo facilities can range from a basic swimming pool to the truly extravagant. In addition to swimming pools, a gym and tennis courts, some new condos have luxury resort-worthy amenities like infinity pools and sky gardens.

– Furnishings – If you are renting a room in a shared apartment, it should come fully furnished. Whole condo units for rent might be fully furnished, partially furnished or unfurnished. Opting for an unfurnished apartment is usually cheaper but will require you to buy your own furniture, and is thus a more suitable option for those looking for a long-term home.

– Fixtures –  Some basic fixtures and appliances such as stoves, ovens, lights or fridges might be provided with the property. Higher quality fixtures can make lounging around at home more luxurious but also cost more.

a) Cheap condos for rent in Singapore

When it comes to condo rentals in Singapore, there’s something for every budget.

Here’s a taster of some of the more affordable options currently available on the market:

– Common room at Le Crescendo (Rent: $1,150) – Located in the Paya Lebar area 6 minutes’ walk from MacPherson MRT and 8 minutes’ walk from Tai Seng MRT, this fully-furnished condo offers easy access to two MRT lines. Rent includes utilities, wifi, weekly cleaning and change of bedsheets, and the condo has amenities like swimming pools, a gym, a jacuzzi and barbecue pits.

Common room at le crescendo
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– Common room at Central Green Condominium (Rent: $1,450) – This fully-furnished condo enjoys an excellent location just two minutes’ walk from Tiong Bahru MRT, a mere two stops away from Tanjong Pagar and three stops from Raffles Place in the CBD. Weekly cleaning and high-speed internet are included in the rent.

common room at central green condo
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– Studio apartment at Urban Vista (Rent: $1,600) – This fully-furnished shoebox studio apartment with a balcony and pool view is located just 3 minutes’ walk from Tanah Merah MRT in the east of Singapore. The property measures about 26 square metres and offers access to condo facilities like swimming pools and barbecue pits.

studio at urban vista
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– One-bedroom apartment at Sims Urban Oasis (Rent: $2,399) – This cosy, partially-furnished one-bedroom apartment enjoys a view of one of its two swimming pools and is located 4 minutes’ walk from Aljunied MRT and 13 minutes’ walk from Mattar, offering a direct train ride to the CBD in less than 15 minutes. Other condo facilities include a tennis court, barbecue pits and a sky garden with a view of the Singapore Flyer.

one bedroom condo apartment at sims urban oasis
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– 2-bedroom apartment at Lake Grande (Rent: $2,900) – Located in western Singapore 7 minutes’ walk from Lakeside MRT, this partially-furnished apartment offers easy access to the malls in the Jurong East area, dubbed Singapore’s second CBD, as well as condo facilities like swimming pools and barbecue pits.

2 bedroom apartment at lake grande
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– 3-bedroom apartment at Fortune Jade (Rent: $3,300) – Located in the east of Singapore 9 minutes’ walk from Dakota MRT and 12 minutes’ walk from Paya Lebar MRT, this fully-furnished apartment on a high floor enjoys an unobscured view and facilities like a swimming pool and gym.

3 bedroom apartment at fortune jade
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b) Boutique studios in heritage shophouses

One inspiring alternative to living in a condo is to rent a space in a stunning conservation shophouse. Figment offers fully-furnished studios with en-suite bathrooms in some of Singapore’s most in-demand neighrhoods.

– Studio in Jalan Besar shophouse (Rent: from $2,000) – This shophouse is located on Sam Leong Road in the atmospheric Jalan Besar neighbourhood just a stone’s throw from Little India and a quick commute to the CBD. Jalan Besar MRT is just 5 minutes away.

studio in jalan besar shophouse
Image source: Figment

– Studio in Geylang shophouse (Rent: from $2,550) – Located 6 minutes’ walk from Aljunied MRT, about 12 minutes’ train ride from the CBD, this shophouse at 15 Lorong 24A Geylang is arrayed in Scandinavian chic.

studio in geylang shophouse
Image source: Figment

OK, so how do I find these condos for rent in Singapore?

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Time to stop dreaming of that dream home and start your search! Here’s where to look.

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PropertyGuru – This is one of Singapore’s most well-known property listing sites, with an extensive selection of listings, many of them placed by agents. Their filters let you narrow down your search according to area, number of bedrooms, price and more. Check out their rental condo listings here. – The rental property section on this classifieds ad site has over a hundred listings placed by agents, landlords and tenants looking for a roommate. There are some good deals to be had on the site, but beware of expired listings. – Singapore’s favourite second-hand marketplace app has a property rental section, with most listings being placed by landlords. The chat function makes it particularly easy for app users to communicate with sellers or request more information.

Facebook groups – Room rental Facebook groups like ROOM for RENT – CONDO – SINGAPORE are a goldmine of condo listings. These listings come and go like the wind and the competition is fierce, so you’ll have to respond promptly. Other than agents and landlords, you’ll also find posts made by fellow tenants searching for roommates.

Facebook groups – Room rental Facebook groups like ROOM for RENT – CONDO – SINGAPORE are a goldmine of condo listings. These listings come and go like the wind and the competition is fierce, so you’ll have to respond promptly. Other than agents and landlords, you’ll also find posts made by fellow tenants searching for roommates.

How to rent a condo in Singapore?

swimming pool condo facilities
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Work out your budget and decide which areas you wish to live in before starting your search. Using this criteria, you can either conduct your own research online or engage an agent to help you source for suitable properties. Check out PropertyGuru’s agent directory to find out who can help you. To make sure you’re not getting ripped off, always check rents against past rental transactions here.

Once you’ve bookmarked a few properties to view, you’ll want to arrange for viewing sessions. If you’re using an agent, your agent can help you do this and might even drive you to the various properties.

When viewing the property, be sure to ask the following questions:

– How is the location? – Survey the surrounding area online and in person before or after your appointment, looking out for public transport amenities like MRT stations and working out the commute to your workplace and/or the city centre.

– Do you like the interior? – Assess the natural light within the property, the view and the layout, and remember to ask the landlord which appliances, furniture and fittings will be included when you move in. You might also want to have a closer look at appliances like the fridge, stove, washing machine and dryer to determine whether they meet your needs.

– How are the condo’s amenities? – Take a walk through the common areas of the condo to check out the pool and other amenities. Keep an eye out for any facilities you are particularly keen on such as gyms, tennis courts, children’s playgrounds or function rooms.

– Is the unit in good condition? – It’s best to move into a well-maintained property, otherwise you might find yourself having to deal with accelerating wear and tear. Look out for defects like cracks, stains and mould.

When you’ve found a place you like and negotiated the rent, the landlord will issue you with a lease or tenancy agreement to read through and sign. Peruse the agreement carefully and make sure you are comfortable with all the terms. Condominiums in Singapore must be rented out for a minimum period of 3 months—anything less is illegal and could cause you to lose your home if found out.

If there are any terms that you disagree with, you have every right to negotiate to have them amended. You also want to be sure about what is included in your rent (such as utilities, wifi and weekly cleaning) and whether you or the landlord will be liable to pay for repairs to appliances like air conditioning units.

When everything is in order, sign the lease and return it with your deposit and your first month’s rent. On the day you move in, be sure to inspect the property thoroughly and take photos of any defects—you can send them via email to the landlord to ensure you are both on the same page.


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Living in a condo and having access to facilities like swimming pools and tennis courts can be a lot of fun. But before finding your ideal home, you’ll have to do a bit of homework to know where you’d like to live, whether you prefer a shareflat or to rent a whole condo unit on your own, and how much you can afford to pay in rent. Once you’ve found an apartment that sets your heart aflutter, the process of receiving and signing a lease is a quick and easy one with minimal paperwork involved.

Looking for an alternative to condos? Figment offers enchanting studios for rent in iconic historic shophouses. Check out the selection of available studios here.