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Artfully furnished, flexible room rentals with an instant community in central locations

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What is a Boutique Home™?

Your design-led master bedroom rental within a local heritage building in central locations.

We know looking for a room to rent can have you feeling lost, with tiny, cookie-cutter room rental options and a whole lot of hassle.

Inspired by local art and architecture, Figment handpicks boutique homes in the trendiest neighbourhoods. We then design them as well-appointed rooms and apartments for your fuss-free rental.

At Figment, home is where the art is.

Why Rent A Boutique Home?

Be House-proud

Live artfully with heritage architecture, vintage furnishings & original artworks

Club Membership

Enjoy free exclusive access to Figment Club House & join the local creative scene

Social & Cultural Impact

15% of rental proceeds supports local creators with commissions & residencies

Flexible & Convenient

Sign flexible monthly contracts for central locations minutes from public transport

Fuss-Free Comfort

Weekly cleaning, prompt maintenance, laundry & high-speed WiFi all included

Room To Breathe

Your own studio, your own bathroom, your own floor in a huge 3500ft² shophouse

Welcome To Figment Club House

Modelled after the clan associations of old, the Figment Club House welcomes global citizens like you with open doors.

Work out of Figment’s ‘living-room-away-from-home’, plug into a community of like-minded members, and make friends with local creatives over takeout and drinks – all on the house.

Crafted by Linghao Architects as a ‘machine for living’ from reclaimed timber, poured concrete, bespoke terazzo and overgrown tropical hanging plants.

What Our Members Are Saying

Spacious, flexible, and fuss-free living

"I've found Figment's Room Rentals to be great for flexible and fuss-free living. Shophouses being more spacious than condos of the same price was an added bonus."

Shruti, Tech Entrepreneur

Community of open-minded professionals

"I enjoyed a warm welcome from Figment's community of open minded, well-travelled professionals. It made all the difference as a new expat in Singapore."

Charlotte, Brand Manager

A design-led Singaporean home

"I’m thrilled to have experienced living in a design-led Singaporean home. It fulfilled my sense of adventure - off the beaten track of cookie-cutter condo living."

Colin, Design Director

Frequently Asked Questions

Read our Rental Guide To Rooms For Rent in Singapore

What’s included in the rental rate?

You get a furnished room or apartment that’s move-in ready. WiFi, utilities, and weekly cleaning of the common areas are all included. We’ll also provide one free set of bedding and towels, basic household essentials and a welcome gift bag. Your rent includes use of shared laundry, kitchen facilities, living and dining areas. New members also enjoy free access to our members-only ‘living-room-away-from-home’, Figment Club House.

What type of social life can I expect?

We hope you’ll get to know your fellow housemates as soon as you move in. The Figment Club House is a members-only ‘homespace’ for you to meet the Figment community. You're also invited to our curated events. Think private dining with local chefs or book-binding classes hosted by independent creatives. Through these events, we hope you’ll get to know more Figment members from other homes.

Tell me more about the Figment member community!

You will be joining a creative community of open-minded, well-travelled professionals. Creative souls from diverse backgrounds in tech, finance, design, and other knowledge industries. Although most members are in their thirties, many are in their sixties and seventies! Rather than our age though, what matters is our shared appreciation of art and culture. It helps to bring a sense of adventure going off the beaten track of cookie-cutter condo living.

Wait a minute, isn’t this just coliving with others?

Not so much, this is Figment’s vision of shared housing for grown-ups. We are not slicing and dicing apartments into cages just to stuff two hundred people into a building. With Figment you always have room to breathe. Socialise as much as you like, or choose to retire to your private studio within a huge 3000ft² shophouse.

Can I work in the common area?

Most definitely. We think you'd figure out a nice arrangement with your housemates if they would also like to work there.

Does Figment offer any health and fitness amenities?

We provide you with 11 free monthly credits for ClassPass that lets you access top-rated gyms, fitness studios, and other amenities within your neighbourhood. Step out of your shophouse and get to know your vibrant historical neighbourhood while supporting your local gyms and fitness studios!

How do I book a room?

Enquire with us by clicking the orange button on the top right. You would already need to know your budget and expected move-in date. We’ll give you a call within the next business day for us to get to know you better, followed by a viewing if you wish. You’ll be able to book on the spot if you like what you see.

How many can live in a Figment room?

Our shophouse master rooms (suites) can comfortably accommodate up to two people. You might find that sharing a master bedroom with your significant other would be much easier than sharing one with a close friend. That said, Figment provides spacious shared common areas for you to let loose beyond the confines of your rental.

What is the difference between a master room for rent and a common room for rent?

Our condo rooms for rent (suites) enjoy an attached private bathroom and can comfortably fit up to two people. On the other hand, common rooms for rent are usually slightly smaller with single occupancy and have a shared bathroom. The great thing about sg room rentals with Figment is the more than 1000ft2 of common shared area on the ground floor in addition to your room!

Does Figment provide rooms for rent for couples?

Definitely! All of our master rooms (suites) are suitable for couples with up to double occupancy. These bedrooms range from 500ft2 to 1200ft2 in size, so you can definitely sublet something that fits your needs!

How do I rent a room in Singapore?

Have a look at our rental guides for coliving rooms as well as studio rooms for more information!

Where can I find the cheapest rooms for rent?

Figment provides plenty of affordable room rentals starting from $1,500 monthly. However, if you are looking for the cheapest rooms for rent under $1,500 in Singapore, here are some good places to start.
Rental Property Platforms such as Gumtree, ilivesg and
Facebook Groups
Usually, the quality and number of amenities should improve as you move further East. Make sure to do some price research on the area in question on URA’s website so you don’t get ripped off. You might also want to use a property agent to help with your sublet search.

How can I rent a room in Singapore without an agent?

Wary of searching for a condo room with a property agent and having to pay a month's rent in commissions? With Figment, you can rent a room in Singapore without an agent and no agent fee whatsoever. Simply browse our bedrooms on offer and send in an inquiry in the form below.

Can I rent a room in Singapore as a foreigner?

According to the Council for Estate Agencies, to rent property in Singapore, you need to be a Singapore citizen or permanent resident. Non-citizens may rent if they hold an employment or work permit like an S-pass, a student pass, dependent pass or long term social visit pass. That said, even with foreigners holding legal residence, the problem is that most Singapore landlords may not be too pleased with a month-to-month lease agreement and would typically require at least a 1 or 2 year contract. Figment provides a much-needed. flexible alternative for room rentals with flexible lease terms and a 1-month notice period.