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What is a boutique home?

Your very own move-in ready furnished home rental in a shophouse within the trendiest neighbourhoods.

We know looking for a full house for rent can be stressful for you, with tiny, cookie-cutter house rental options and agent fees to be paid.

Figment offers you a thoughtful take on boutique living in Singapore.

Inspired by local art, design, and architecture, we handpick heritage houses in vibrant neighbourhoods and offer them as wonderfully furnished boutique homes for your fuss-free stay.

Why Rent With Figment?

Room To Breathe

In the era of social distancing: Your own house, your own bathroom, on your very own floor

Freedom & Flexibility

Just a three-month minimum contract with a month-to-month lease thereafter

All-inclusive Living

Leave it to us: Weekly cleaning and prompt maintenance, all included

Live Like A Local

Delight in the distinctive designs of rare conservation houses that celebrate Singapore's history

Sustainable Development

Historic redevelopment conserves built heritage; architectural salvage offers decor with a story

Prime Central Singapore

Cheap houses for rent by owner right in the heart of the city, connected to public transport

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Figment Citizens are united by shared beliefs and ideas rather than geographical boundaries. We invite you to become a Citizen in the first-ever Country Club in the Metaverse — instantly accessible at anytime from anywhere in the world.

What Our Members Are Saying

Responsive & Quality

"The community managers were very responsive. The furnishings were a quality I wouldn't have purchased, considering it is a temporary house for rent by owner. Overall, I loved living at Figment."

Shruti, Entrepreneur

Nice like-minded professionals

"Nice like-minded professionals that can enjoy wine and conversations from time to time. The Figment team is also great!"

Charlotte, Brand Marketer

Good centralised location

"Beautiful, cheap house for rent in singapore, good centralised location. Great team with exemplary service."

Colin, Design Director

Frequently Asked Questions

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Is it better to rent or buy a house in Singapore?

Buying a house involves a large financial commitment that many people end up working their entire lives to pay off. Renting a home with Figment as the direct owner requires a much smaller financial outlay, especially for the short-term as you will not have to cough up the cash on a huge downpayment, and you will not be in mortgage debt for the rest of your life!

Is it better to rent or buy now?

It depends on the city and state of the economy. In Singapore, ever-increasing housing prices and higher mortgage rates have made it less expensive to rent a house than buy and own one. It is highly likely that one can outperform building home equity if he/she chooses to rent a house by owner and reinvests his/her savings in the market.

How do I rent a house in Singapore?

Have a look at our rental guides for coliving spaces as well as studio apartments for more information!

How can I rent a house in Singapore directly by owner with no agent fees?

Wary of searching for a house with a property agent and having to pay a month's rent in commissions? With Figment, you can rent a house in Singapore with us directly as an owner without an agent and pay no agent fee whatsoever. Simply browse our home rentals on offer and send in an inquiry in the form below.

Can I rent a house in Singapore as a foreigner?

According to the Council for Estate Agencies, to rent property in Singapore, you need to be a Singapore citizen or permanent resident. Non-citizens may rent if they hold an employment or work permit like an S-pass, a student pass, dependent pass or long term social visit pass. That said, even with foreigners holding legal residence, the problem is that most Singapore landlords may not be too pleased with a month-to-month lease agreement and would typically require at least a 1 or 2 year contract. Figment provides a much-needed. flexible alternative for sg house rentals with flexible lease terms and a 1-month notice period.

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Enjoy all-inclusive living and flexible leases in prime locations

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