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Welcome To The Neighbourhood

Repeat After Us: "Long Live The Local!"

Are We Losing Our Identity?

Singapore has become a country swarmed by profit-maximised, accountant-designed rather than architect-designed, copied-and-pasted skyscrapers. Some of us might be grasping for a more permanent reminder of who we are. For building blocks for our identities, you could say. For works of art – buildings, even, that could serve to anchor and inspire us to live better in an increasingly uncertain and ambiguous world.

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Kampong Spirit

Enter Figment. Born in the cool, gritty yet sexy red light district of Geylang, on the grounds of our pioneer boutique development The Lorong 24A Shophouse Series, no less!

Oh, Kampong means ‘village’ in Malay, and we’d love to restore the sense of place and community of yesteryear, or kampong spirit, to modern urban living.

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Figment Banda House

Figment Today

We have curated a portfolio of more than 20 shophouses housing over 150 members and recruited many more on our mission to place make our local neighbourhoods.

57 local artists, 15 design studios, 5 tour agencies, 3 startup incubators, and countless proud Singaporeans and expats alike.

Welcome To The Neighbourhood

Placemaking the ’15-min Kampong’. Just imagine from the time you wake, everything you need is right there within a ‘15-min’ walk or bike ride. Living, working, supplying, caring, learning and enjoying. The local bakery down the block, a co-working space two blocks away, and a yoga studio to wind down after work just opposite where you live.

What’s not to like about vibrant, mixed-use living? Condo-me-not!

Our Kampong Chiefs

Meet the Figment team

Fang Low

Co-Founder & CEO

Made in Singapore and a proud cosmopolitan-changemaker-curator-couchsurfer.

Weixian Cai

Co-Founder & GM

Our resident management guru passionate about building the future of Singapore one home at a time!

Michele Lim

Head of Design

Connoisseur of floor-plans and closet history-buff. What's not to love about adaptive reuse?

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