Artist Profile: Leow Wei Li

Wei Li with Mop Lines

Could you tell us a bit about yourself and your artistic practice?  

I’m Wei Li, a visual artist based in Singapore. I started out as a painter, and have recently begun exploring everyday objects and materials in my works, particularly things that are used to improve homes. This interest grew when I started working from home.

Tell us more about your process of making artworks.

I usually start by following and paying attention to the things that I like, no matter how insignificant or meaningless they seem to be. I love it when they open up new fields of experience.

What are your thoughts on placing your artworks within a home such as Figment’s Gallery House?

I always dream to have my artworks placed in homes. Whenever I create, I yearn for someone who wants to live with the art and that it becomes a part of their everyday life. Having my works placed in a Figment House gifts viewers more time and space to relate to them. It could deepen their appreciation of the work, germinate new questions, or simply just make a mundane day more interesting.

Safe and Sound in the foyer of Gallery House

What do you hope people will experience from your works?

If you are living with my works, I hope that it can remind you, particularly if you are going through the motions of life, that wonderful things can come out from the mundane. In one of his essays on The Blurring of Art and Life (1993), the artist Allan Kaprow observed that “paying attention changes the thing attended to”. There might be something only you can see.

What are some things that have inspired you?

I love the book Culture Care by the painter Makoto Fujimura. His call for artists to be stewards and to feed our culture’s soul with beauty, creativity, and generosity inspires me continually to give my best in all that I do. For you’ll never know who is in need of a genesis moment.

Leow Wei Li (b. 1994, Singapore) is a painter working with everyday objects and materials. She looks for ways to recompose them in her works while examining the colours, surfaces and textures of daily living.

Wei Li’s works can be found in Gallery House.


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