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In this increasingly globalised world, we constantly ask our location-independent selves the question of where we should live.

Is it possible to make ourselves at home over a short stay? Is it even worthwhile to do so, knowing that we might be called away from this new home sooner rather than later?

Well, science tells us we need to figure this out, and fast. Social withdrawal is now officially recognised by urban authorities as a major risk factor for a wide range of illnesses. We now know that our buildings and cities directly impact our brains, moods and wellbeing, and that cells in the hippocampal region of our brains are constantly attuned to the spaces we inhabit.

We might already find ourselves living socially isolated lives in matchbox apartments with generic colour schemes, suffering from a mixture of existential loneliness and culture shock.

Ready to live different with figment?

Join the 4000+ working professionals Figment has hosted over the past 34 years

How can we design our environments in a way that encourages connection over isolation?

Figment is building a future that addresses the loneliness epidemic head-on. We have designed the Figment Country Club – the genesis of a country in the cloud. The Figment Country Club is a virtual member’s club for global citizens to belong to and call home, even as their peripatetic lifestyles lead them across the world. This country in the cloud is accessible anywhere, anytime – all you need is an internet connection.

All members can also tap into Figment’s curated network of physical residences that are crafted with a hyperlocal sense of place. What is home if not comfort and belonging?

Just imagine you are living in a vibrant, mixed-use ‘15-minute neighbourhood’ in Singapore, with all of the amenities you could possibly need within a short walk from your front door. You come home to a pre-war Baroque facade, with ornate Islamic eaves, Japanese tiling, European-inspired Corinthian pillars and Chinese stuccoes of mythical beasts greeting you.

Of course, beauty is never just skin deep. You are also welcomed in to connect with a community of globally minded individuals as you admire the beautiful interiors designed by local architects and artists you handpicked yourself.

Our physical homes even extend into the digital realm through our virtual Country Clubs, so you never have to lose that sense of connection, no matter where in the world you go.

Figment members are global citizens; an urban intelligentsia united by shared beliefs and ideas rather than geography. First and foremost, we collectively identify as human beings in a global community, instead of prioritising our nationality or other local identities. Figment’s country in the cloud can act as the first ever neutral ‘third place,’ a place not under central control by any one authority, a place for a culturally diverse membership to interact as equals.

Backed by a blockchain economy, Figment members can also gain ownership of Figment. They will have the ability to vote on key governance decisions and then benefit from the growth of the cloud country.

Today, more than ever before in our history, human beings face increasingly urgent common global challenges that cannot be adequately addressed on the national level. Blockchain technologies used by cloud communities like Figment provide new mechanisms of social and political coordination, mobilising individuals across the globe towards goals such as borderless justice and climate protection. In our interconnected world, it is paramount to expand civil society so that individuals can take up their role as global citizens in voluntary associations that pursue global agendas. Just think of Figment as a digital ‘Davos’ of sorts.

The world is now ready to realise one of the most morally-desirable ideals in human history – global citizenship.

Fang Low is the Founder & President of Figment. He is an avid couchsurfer and global citizen dedicated to placemaking local neighbourhoods.


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April 20, 2022 6:51 am

Integrating physical and digital as phygital to become a reality is extremely exciting for me. Kudos to the team behind this innovation.