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What’s shophouse living all about?

What do you mean by shophouse living?

Shophouse living means living within storied conservation shophouses that are also quintessential Singaporean works of art. These inspirational shophouses boast high ceilings, patterned jalousie windows, unique façades and layouts that make your everyday living experience that much more memorable.

As historical urban dwellings, shophouses are located in vibrant heritage districts, so you get to experience that street level ambience and feel like a part of Singapore. It’s quite unlike living out of a copied-and-pasted condo compound.

Why call a shophouse a Boutique Home?

Because it speaks to what we want our shophouses to represent. Boutique Homes are design-led, unique, exquisitely crafted, hyperlocal, experiential, and ultimately, unforgettable. Imagine getting the curated experience you might get living out of a boutique hotel, just at home.

At Figment, members get their very own private studio within a Boutique Home and enjoy fully furnished shared common areas such as the kitchen, laundry facilities, dining and living room.

Wait a minute, isn’t that just coliving?

Not so much, this is Figment’s vision of shared housing for grown-ups. We aren’t here to slice and dice apartments into matchboxes just to stuff two hundred people into a building, adult-dorm style.

With Figment you always have room to breathe. You can socialize as much as you want to, but you also reserve the option to retreat to the quiet comfort of your private studio within a spacious 3000ft² shophouse.

Tell me more about the Figment community!

Becoming a Figment member means joining a cosmopolitan community of working professionals, with diverse backgrounds in tech, finance, design, and other creative industries. Our members do anything from running their own consulting podcast to selling vegan ice-cream.

Although most of our members are in their thirties, we also host many members in their forties, fifties or sixties! Rather than our biological age, what really matters are our shared values of cultural awareness, diversity and authenticity.

What type of social life can I expect?

We hope you’ll get to know your fellow housemates as soon as you move in. We have also built the Figment Embassy House as a members-only 'homespace' for you to plug right into our Figment community. After that, expect a standing invite to Figment experiences, like private dining events with local guest chefs, or book-binding classes hosted by independent creatives. Through these events, we hope you’ll get to know more Figment members from other homes.

What should I know before booking?

What is the minimum length of stay?

Our minimum length of stay is for a URA-approved 3 months term.

How many people are allowed to move into one studio?

We have a maximum occupancy of 2 pax per studio.

Can I move in with my children?

Members have to be 21 years old and above.

Is Figment pet-friendly?

While we love pets, we have a no-pet policy in our homes at the moment.

Can I have visitors over?

Of course! Visitors are most welcome. Be sure to inform your housemates beforehand to check in with them.

Can I work in the common area?

Most definitely. We reckon you would figure out a nice arrangement with your housemates if they would also like to work in the common areas.

Are there any house rules?

We have a common set of house rules (such as quiet hours) across our homes, which all members are expected to agree and adhere to before their stay.

What’s included in my stay?

What’s included in the rental rate?

You get a fully-furnished studio that’s move-in ready. WiFi, utilities, and weekly cleaning of the common areas are all included. We’ll provide one complimentary set of bedding and towels, plus some basic household essentials and a welcome gift bag to get you started. Of course, your rent includes use of shared laundry and kitchen facilities, along with common areas for living and dining. You will also enjoy complimentary access to our members-only 'living-room-away-from-home', Embassy House.

Do you offer cleaning services?

Yes, we provide weekly cleaning of the common areas. We can also arrange cleaning of your private studio for an additional $100 per month.

What kind of amenities are available?

Shared facilities include the kitchen, laundry facilities, and the living and dining areas in each home. Certain homes may also have access to a shared rooftop. The amenities offered in your studio depend on the configuration of that studio, and may include some combination of an en suite bathroom, a bathtub, a pantry or kitchenette, a writing desk, and/or a TV. If not already included with your studio, selected amenities are available for purchase. All members also enjoy complimentary access to our members-only 'living-room-away-from-home', Embassy House.

What if I have an issue with maintenance?

We have a support team for operations and facilities. If you have any questions, they’re a message or phone call away.

How do I book?

What happens after I enquire?

We’ll match your application with what’s available on our end, and get back to you within the next business day.

What is the application process like?

The application process is easy and can all be completed online, or in-person if you’re local. First you’ll fill out the application form on our site by clicking the orange ‘Find My Home’ button. We’ll give you a call within the next business day for us to get to know you better. If you’re local to the area, you can go for an in-person tour, or if you’re remote, we can tour with you virtually. At that time, you can reserve the space by e-signing your lease and transferring the security deposit.

How do I know which studios are available?

Unfortunately, we don’t publish our availability publicly as we rely on our curators to handpick a studio for you after understanding your preferences for community, location and more over a short call.

How do I book a viewing?

First, enquire with us using the button on the top right. You would already need to know your budget and expected move-in date. Then, if we have something that matches your needs, we’ll give you a call for us to get to know you better and take it from there.

Can I book a stay immediately?

We don’t accept immediate bookings, as we want to match your needs and preferences with what we have available. Enquire with us and we’ll be in touch!

How far in advance can I book/rent?

We generally accept bookings up to a month in advance of your move-in, though exceptions can be made in certain circumstances.

Can I do a virtual viewing?

Yes, we do virtual viewings on Google Hangouts where we take you through a video tour of our homes. We definitely encourage virtual viewings if you’re exploring more than a month in advance of your stay, as we usually don’t guarantee availability more than a month out. Enquire with us and we’ll be happy to get back to you.

I'm not in Singapore yet. Can I still book a studio?

Yes, you can still book a studio, provided you are moving sometime in the next month or so. If you’d like to view a studio before making a booking, we can arrange a virtual viewing. Just enquire with us and we’ll sort things out.

I'm not ready to move in yet and am just looking. Can I still do a viewing?

Yes! If we have something that matches your needs, we’ll give you a call for us to get to know you better, and you can do a viewing thereafter. To save you time and effort, we’d encourage a virtual viewing instead of an in-person one. Enquire with us and we’ll get you started.

Do you require a security deposit?

Yes, we require a security deposit of one and a half month’s rent before the commencement of your stay.

What are your payment methods?

We accept payment by bank transfer, cash, and credit card.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates

How is Figment dealing with Covid-19?

We are actively monitoring the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation and are taking steps to help keep our communities safe. We have already implemented Safe Entry measures with check-in QR code guidance, are disinfecting our homes regularly and have stocked up on additional disinfectant soaps and cleaners within our homes.

Are you still taking applications?

Yes we are! We know moving is even more stressful for you during uncertain times. We are most definitely still taking applications and the Figment team is ready to help answer any questions you may have about moving during this time.

How can I view Figment Homes if I can’t even leave my house?

We've created 3D video tours of our shophouses where someone from our team will take you through a virtual walkthrough of the home. You will still get the same bespoke insights on the house, neighbourhood, and your housemates – just online. You can now more easily view multiple homes in one session!

Can I still move in during this time?

Yes, move-ins are still allowed during this uncertain time. That said, do make sure you’re feeling healthy before starting your move, and we recommend you follow the Ministry of Health's recommendations and take the precautions they recommend to ensure your move goes smoothly.

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