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What is a Figment suite?

Your very own designer vacation rental in a heritage shophouse within the trendiest neighbourhoods.

We know booking a suitable rental can be stressful for you, with unreliable, low-quality airbnb sg options and a whole lot of hassle.

Figment offers you a boutique take on living in Singapore. Inspired by local art, design, and architecture, we handpick heritage shophouses in vibrant neighbourhoods and offer wonderfully furnished suites for the ultimate local experience.

Why Book With Figment?

Live Like A Local

Delight in distinctive design and neighbourhoods that celebrate Singapore's heritage

Explore The City

Our holiday homes are exceptionally well-connected to Singapore's public transport systems

Prime Central Singapore

We handpick only the best locations right in the heart of the city

Freedom & Flexibility

Flexible bookings with shophouses approved for use as serviced apartments

Room To Breathe

Enjoy the privacy of your own rental, your own bathroom, on your very own floor

Fuss-Free Living

Leave it to us: Cleaning and concierge service, all included

Join Figment in Minting a New World of Creators Innovators and Thought Leaders

A country in the Cloud for global citizens to belong everywhere

Figment Citizens are united by shared beliefs and ideas rather than geographical boundaries. We invite you to become a Citizen in the first-ever Country Club in the Metaverse — instantly accessible at anytime from anywhere in the world.

What Our Guests Are Saying

Stepping out to a great feel of daily life

"The location gives you a great feel of daily life - upon stepping out of the shophouse, from all directions you’ll be able to find something interesting happening."

Colin, Design Director

The most comfortable, fuss-free arrangement

"This is a fantastic, fuss free option for anyone looking for short-term accommodation in Singapore. Would 10/10 recommend!"

Shruti, Entrepreneur

Thoughtfully furnished and promptly maintained

"Great place for both a short or long stay. Really enjoyed the shared common area. I was surprise to see friendly staff available 24/7."

Charlotte, Brand Marketer

Frequently Asked Questions

Read our Exposé on Airbnb in Singapore

Is Airbnb legal in Singapore in 2021?

Local law preclude Airbnb’s legal operations in Singapore for stays shorter than 3 months. But while it is technically illegal, that hasn’t stopped some from listing their property on the online platform, nor has it fully deterred people from booking them in turn. Just bear in mind its risky status if you do consider booking on Airbnb or similar short term apartment rental platforms.

Why is there a ban on Airbnb in Singapore by law?

The reasons for banning Airbnb short-term rentals in Singapore might surprise you. With the vast majority of Singapore citizens living in owned accommodation, Airbnb has not had a measurable impact on long-term rents, which is the bugbear of residents in many major cities. Instead, one of the ostensible reasons for outlawing short-term rentals is to promote greater security for residents. High-density, high-rise housing is the norm in Singapore, with residents often packed cheek-to-jowl in towering skyscrapers. When people live in such close proximity, there is greater concern about what the neighbours are up to.

Is Airbnb cheaper than renting?

Because of the shorter term added flexibility of booking an airbnb rental, Airbnb tends to be more expensive than renting—up to 25% more, plus or minus. Figment's rentals are able to provide these sharing economy savings while retaining the authenticity of a vacation rental.

Is Airbnb cheaper than hotels?

There has been quite a number of studies done in the past couple of years to see if Airbnb always comes out cheaper than booking a room in a hotel. Priceonomics ran a study back in 2013 that found that it was 21% cheaper to rent out an entire apartment on Airbnb than to book a hotel, and up to 49% cheaper if you chose to rent a private room instead.

Is it safe to stay in an Airbnb in Singapore?

While you’ll certainly find Singapore safer than almost anywhere else you’ve visited, the usual safety tips and guidelines apply when staying in an Airbnb rental. To avoid getting scammed, any payments should be made through the Airbnb platform. Always read ratings and reviews before making a booking and only stay with a host you feel you can trust and whose identify has been verified by the platform. A host with lots of mostly positive reviews and an absence of red flag-raising negative reviews is preferable to one with few reviews or numerous negative ones. All communication should take place on the Airbnb platform in case a dispute has to be resolved by the company.

How long can i rent an Airbnb for?

There is no maximum limit on your airbnb rental duration. That said, you might find it to be more affordable to rent a fully furnished apartment from Figment without paying additional commissions to Airbnb.

What are the other alternatives to Airbnb SG?

Every region has its own Airbnb alternatives and Singapore is no exception. Figment offers you the most memorable stays here in Singapore but should you like to explore further options, have a look at the below list!
- VRBO Singapore (previously Homeaway)
- Singapore
- Tripadvisor Singapore Vacation Rentals
- Wimdu Singapore

Where can I find some curated lists of Airbnbs in Singapore?

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