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What is an Art House™?

Your designer vacation rental by local artists in a heritage home within the trendiest neighbourhoods.

We know booking a suitable rental can be stressful for you, with unreliable, low-quality airbnb sg options and a whole lot of hassle.

Figment handpicks exceptional heritage homes across the best cultural districts in Singapore. In collaboration with homegrown artists, we design them as clean, comfortable rooms and apartments for you to truly live like a local.

Figment is a 'home for aesthetes'. For the aficionado of the aesthetic and the artistic. For the culturally curious.

At Figment, home is where the art is.

Why Book An Art House?

Feel House-proud

Live artfully with heritage architecture, vintage furnishings & original artworks

Unlock Insider Status

Get to know the local creative scene with exclusive access to Figment Club House

Support Local Artists

15% of rental proceeds for artist commissions, fellowships & residencies

Flexible & Convenient

Sign flexible monthly contracts for central locations minutes from public transport

Fuss-Free Comfort

Weekly cleaning, prompt maintenance, laundry & high-speed WiFi all included

Room To Breathe

Your own studio, your own bathroom, your own floor in a huge 3000ft² home

Welcome To Figment Club House

Modelled after the clan associations of old, the Figment Club House welcomes global citizens like you with open doors.

Work out of Figment’s ‘living-room-away-from-home’, plug into a community of like-minded members, and make friends with local creatives over takeout and drinks – all on the house.

Linghao Architects built the Club House as a ‘machine for living’ from reclaimed timber, poured concrete, bespoke terazzo and overgrown tropical hanging plants.

What Our Members Are Saying

A design-led Singaporean home

"I’m glad to have experienced living in a design-led Singaporean home. It fulfilled my sense of adventure - off the beaten track of cookie-cutter condo living."

Colin, Design Director

Flexible, fuss-free Figment

"I've found Figment's Vacation Rentals to be great for flexible and fuss-free living. The convenient central location was a pleasant surprise."

Shruti, Tech Entrepreneur

Community of open-minded professionals

"I enjoyed a warm welcome from Figment's community of open minded, well-travelled professionals. It made all the difference as a new expat in Singapore."

Charlotte, Brand Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

Read our Exposé on Airbnb in Singapore

Is Airbnb legal in Singapore in 2022?

Local law preclude Airbnb’s legal operations in Singapore for stays shorter than 3 months. But while it is technically illegal, that hasn’t stopped some from listing their property on the online platform, nor has it fully deterred people from booking them in turn. Just bear in mind its risky status if you do consider booking on Airbnb or similar short term apartment rental platforms.

Why is there a ban on Airbnb in Singapore by law?

The reasons for banning Airbnb short-term rentals in Singapore might surprise you. With the vast majority of Singapore citizens living in owned accommodation, Airbnb has not had a measurable impact on long-term rents, which is the bugbear of residents in many major cities. Instead, one of the ostensible reasons for outlawing short-term rentals is to promote greater security for residents. High-density, high-rise housing is the norm in Singapore, with residents often packed cheek-to-jowl in towering skyscrapers. When people live in such close proximity, there is greater concern about what the neighbours are up to.

Is Airbnb cheaper than renting?

Because of the shorter term added flexibility of booking an airbnb rental, Airbnb tends to be more expensive than renting—up to 25% more, plus or minus. Figment's rentals are able to provide these sharing economy savings while retaining the authenticity of a vacation rental.

Is Airbnb cheaper than hotels?

There has been quite a number of studies done in the past couple of years to see if Airbnb always comes out cheaper than booking a room in a hotel. Priceonomics ran a study back in 2013 that found that it was 21% cheaper to rent out an entire apartment on Airbnb than to book a hotel, and up to 49% cheaper if you chose to rent a private room instead.

Is it safe to stay in an Airbnb in Singapore?

While you’ll certainly find Singapore safer than almost anywhere else you’ve visited, the usual safety tips and guidelines apply when staying in an Airbnb rental. To avoid getting scammed, any payments should be made through the Airbnb platform. Always read ratings and reviews before making a booking and only stay with a host you feel you can trust and whose identify has been verified by the platform. A host with lots of mostly positive reviews and an absence of red flag-raising negative reviews is preferable to one with few reviews or numerous negative ones. All communication should take place on the Airbnb platform in case a dispute has to be resolved by the company.

How long can i rent an Airbnb for?

There is no maximum limit on your airbnb rental duration. That said, you might find it to be more affordable to rent a fully furnished apartment from Figment without paying additional commissions to Airbnb.

What are the other alternatives to Airbnb SG?

Every region has its own Airbnb alternatives and Singapore is no exception. Figment offers you the most memorable stays here in Singapore but should you like to explore further options, have a look at the below list!
- VRBO Singapore (previously Homeaway)
- Singapore
- Tripadvisor Singapore Vacation Rentals
- Wimdu Singapore

Where can I find some curated lists of Airbnbs in Singapore?

What’s included in the rental rate?

You get a furnished room or apartment that’s move-in ready. WiFi, utilities, and weekly cleaning of the common areas are all included. We’ll also provide one free set of bedding and towels, basic household essentials and a welcome gift bag. Your rent includes use of shared laundry, kitchen facilities, living and dining areas. New members also enjoy free access to our members-only ‘living-room-away-from-home’, Embassy House.

Tell me more about the Figment member community!

You will be joining a creative community of open-minded, well-travelled professionals. Creative souls from diverse backgrounds in tech, finance, design, and other knowledge industries. Although most members are in their thirties, many are in their sixties and seventies! Rather than our age though, what matters is our shared appreciation of art and culture. It helps to bring a sense of adventure going off the beaten track of cookie-cutter condo living.

Wait a minute, isn’t this just coliving with others?  

Not so much, this is Figment’s vision of shared housing for grown-ups. We are not slicing and dicing apartments into cages just to stuff two hundred people into a building. With Figment you always have room to breathe. Socialise as much as you like, or choose to retire to your private studio within a huge 3000ft² shophouse.

How do I book a stay?

Enquire with us by clicking the orange button on the top right. You would already need to know your budget and expected move-in date. We’ll give you a call within the next business day for us to get to know you better, followed by a viewing if you wish. You’ll be able to book on the spot if you like what you see.