Editor’s Note, October 2020: Shophouse Neighbourhoods, Jalan Besar Edition

This month, we’re taking a closer look around our neighbourhood of Jalan Besar.

Shophouse neighbourhoods are a special kind of urban fabric in our fast-changing city. They are uniquely walkable and intimate, where your front door is mere steps away from the street. The historical, fine-grain layout of small streets and back alleys can be idiosyncratic, to be navigated by memory, instinct and architectural cues. And these locales do grow and evolve too, only in more subtle ways. There are daily rhythms to be observed, and a fascinating interplay between the old and new, traditional and contemporary.

In our upcoming posts, you’ll be hearing from creatives, entrepreneurs, historians and more about their perspectives on Jalan Besar. Meanwhile, check out what Figment’s been up to: