Thank you, next: Looking back on 2020

2020 was certainly tumultuous, but the chaos & gloom threw the positive parts into starker relief. At the end of the year, we took a moment to count our blessings and appreciate the good things that happened this year, which, we are happy to report, were plenty. Here’s a personal take on the best of 2020 from some of our team.

Shu Ying Low, Curator

Supporting #OurHawkerCulture: 
“A friend introduced me to the Facebook group Hawkers United – Dabao 2020 that was created to support our local hawkers during CB. It was heartening to see people take photos of their favourite stalls and share details on ordering from the Uncle or Auntie who serves the best char kway teow or briyani. It’s also been a great way to discover new favourites!”

Plant Therapy: “With the sudden work-from-home situation, it suddenly mattered a lot what my daily view was. I had started off with a single potted plant that has now grown to six, and I absolutely enjoy taking time to water them each morning and watch them flourish from my workstation. Shout out to Jungaloreat Tyrwhitt Rd for their beautiful plant selection and helpful care advice!”

Lingxiu Chong, Creative Director

Multipurpose MVP: “Our vintage oak draw leaf table that we bought early in the year has been a godsend. We didn’t anticipate then that we would have every meal at it for the next ten months, not to mention countless Zoom calls, our son’s first forays into solids and many other activities on and around this one object. The perfectly built draw leaf mechanism and how well the wood has stood up to our daily scrubbing has been a marvel.”

Stay-home Sidekick: “My 64oz Hydroflask water bottle has been another constant in a year spent working from home. It kept me hydrated through many of baby’s naps and fitful nights, and saved me many trips to the kitchen throughout the day.”

Tara Tan, Community

Home Chefs: “With restaurants closed, my friends and I began a routine of going to each other’s homes on rotation to cook full course meals together. We got creative and experimented with Turkish cuisine one weekend, and Japanese the next. This new ritual brought us a lot of joy and was one thing we looked forward to at the end of the work week.”

Ease of Mind: “I started going to Freedom Yoga this year and it’s really helped calm my mind while getting a workout in at the same time. My posture and alignment have improved even though I still have some ways to go before mastering the more challenging poses. Their studio in Holland Village is my favourite – its quaint vibe and numerous cafes nearby are definite draws!”

Figment is grateful for all your support in 2020 and looking forward to a fruitful year ahead. Keep in touch with us by subscribing to our mailing list or reaching out via email.


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