Our new Journal!

Dear Friends, 

Our work at Figment allows us to see the simple, familiar qualities of everyday life at home with curiosity and appreciation. We find ourselves often discussing the extraordinary nature of the home, a space we often take for granted and yet possesses a unique atmosphere formed over time that unknowingly or not, expresses exactly the person we are. 

Here we will be sharing our reflections, thoughts, and ongoing conversations taking place among our community. This goes far beyond the Figment team and our members, and will often feature our neighbours in shophouse districts, colleagues in architectural conservation and placemaking, and other like-minded dreamers and doers.

In this chapter of our business, we are focused on bringing a bespoke co-living experience into Singapore’s historic shophouses. For us, the shophouse is a special kind of building that has been transformed again and again to reflect different chapters of our city’s cosmopolitan modernity. We’re fascinated by the variety of stories housed within these walls, behind the wood shutter windows. We hope to bring together a new point of view on shophouse living, one that is both intimate and contemporary, that is as much about the building’s character as it is about the inspiring figures who made the unconventional choice to call these historic structures home (or work, or both).

Join us in this ongoing conversation that brings together an unexpected mix of Singapore’s creatives, tastemakers, free spirits, industry leaders, and more. Check back for future posts or better yet, subscribe to our mailing list for thoughtful, curated content about the art of living.

Yours truly,
The Figment Team